Academic Laurels

Our students have secured ranks consecutively in the Commerce and Science stream. Here are the names of the students who have scored the top places in the past Decade.

Top Rank Holders of 2nd PU 2022


State Toppers In 2nd PU Commerce Examination of March 2022


State Toppers In 2nd PU SCience Examination of March 2022

Previous Year 2nd PU State Toppers(Science)
Name Year Marks Obtained Position Held
Sameeksha G2022 March593/6006th place
Nagendra Kumar2021 March600/600I place
Shrikari Sharvai M S2020 March587/60010th place
Dheeraj R P2020 March583/60014th place
Pratham Iyer B2020 March580/60017th place
Sathvik S 2019 March573/60022nd place
Priyanka S 2018 March579/60018th place
Pooja J2017 March580/60017th place
Asha Kiran2016 March585/60013th place
Poornima N 2015 March581/60015th place
Soujanya K S 2014 March582/60013th place
Previous Year 2nd PU State Toppers(Commerce)
Name Year Marks Obtained Position Held
Geetha K2022 March590/6007th place
Bhumika R Awati2022 March590/6007th place
Deeksha P M2022 March590/6007th place
Chaithra S M2021 March600/600I place
Deekshitha K2021 March600/600I place
Kavya J2021 March600/600I place
Anjali Maheshwari J2021 March600/600I place
Thanu Shree R Arkasali2020 March588/600X place
Lavanaya J M 2020 March588/600X place
Shree Lakshmi G B 2020 March586/600XII place
Veena R2020 March586/600XII place
Megha Shree R2020 March586/600XII place
Swathi N2020 March586/600XII place
Pavithra B R2020 March586/600XII place
Kruthika N S2020 March584/600XIV place
Akshitha M2020 March584/600XIV place
Thaneesha C Kulkarni2020 March582/600XIV place
Bhoomika M2020 March580/600XVIII place
Komal D G2020 March578/600XXplace
Harshitha P2019 March590/600VII place
Akshara S2019 March588/600IX place
Sandhya P2019 March587/600X place
Sreeja Sreedhar2018 March590/600VI place
Swathi R2018 March588/600VIII place
Navya N2018 March586/600X place
Adarsh P Upadhya2017 March588/600VIII place
Girish Toshniwal2017 March587/600IX place
Vikram H Bhat2017 March586/600X place
Padmashri B 2016 March592/600III place
Pujah R2015 March 580/600XIV place
Richa H Shah 2014 March587/600VI place
Chethana Iyer2013 March 583/600IX place
Bharat S 2012 March587/600V place
Shishira Shivaprakash2011 March586/600III place
Lakshmi Harikumar2010 March583/600VIII place
Manasa2009 March582/600X place
Srinidhi2008 March586/600I place