Interest and liking of a particular stream does not alone justify choosing it , the Science stream is the kind of field where one cannot survive without having even a modicum of interest accompanied by passion for it.

Science is a vast field and concerns almost everything that eyes can or cannot see.

Speaking at a basic educational level , science can be divided into three broad subjects – Physics , Chemistry & Biology.

Study of laws of Physics enables us to create better technologies in all areas that concern human being and their environment.

Study of Chemistry imparts knowledge on how chemicals and substances are formed , their physical properties and how certain chemical substances can be used for the benefit of human society.

Study of Biology gives us the knowledge which can be used for the betterment of health facilities , cures and preventive measures for diseases and health issues etc.

Studying Science teaches how to think , learn , solve problems and make informed decisions.

These skills are integral to every aspect of a student’s education and life from school to career.

  • Part-I
  • I Language - English
  • II Language - Kannada/Hindi/Sanskrit
  • Part-II
Science Combination
PCMB Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology
PCMC Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science
PCME Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics