Various Committees for the Academic Year 2022-23

Staff Secretaries
Staff Secretaries

The 2 chosen staff secretaries act as a bridge between the Principal and staff.

Staff Secretaries: Sri. Jayanth Kumar BVR & Smt. Pallavi P.
Examination Committee
Examination Committee

The Committee is responsible for conducting tests and exams (including practicals) as prescribed by the P.U. Board.

Convener: KRM
Members: MV, RM, GD.
Cultural Committee
Convener: GR
Members: SKS, SU, DLP.
Website Committee
Website Committee

The Committee performs a quality review of the website information. It ensures that the college website regularly updates information and is well maintained.

Convener: RC
Members: RM, PK, SP, LBR, UT, PR.
Literary Committee
Convener: SR
Members: RM, RC, ALM, JS.
Attendance Committee
Attendance Committee

The objective of this Committee is to keep track of students’ attendance. Shortage of attendance is duly notified on the notice board on a monthly basis.

Convener: TRS
Members: V.V.C, PV, JKB.
Discipline Committee
Discipline Committee

The committee is responsible to follow the discipline and code of conduct of the students in the campus. Students should wear ID cards issued by the college. Action will be taken in case of breach of conduct.

Convener: RD
Members: GKS, TGS, BSP, SB.
Magazine Committee
Magazine Committee

‘ABHYUDAYA – Dawn of literary treasure’ – our annual magazine , aims to inform , inspire and inculcate writing skills. Besides contribution from students , the magazine records their achievements and contains information about activities of the college.

Convener: KBS
Members: NLN, DAN, DG, RK, NKH.
Vani Magazine Committee
Vani Magazine Committee

‘Vani’ is an in-house quarterly newsletter, which showcases the events conducted in SET institutions.

Convener: RM
Members: KB, NN, DG, NKH.
Eco Club
Convener: ID
Members: MDB, LS, DLP, BSP, UT, JKB, LBR, AHA.
Commerce Forum
Convener: PK
Members: TRS, JS, PPN, SP, MVJ, TGS, JP, VR, PRP, ALM, V V.
Science Forum
Members: US, BRJ, CNA, YVS, KS, GD, SDS, SKS, HS, SS.
Sports Committee
Sports Committee
Convener: GKH
Members: MV, CBS, ID, SB.
Technical Committee
Members: PK, JKB, PRP, V.V.C, SDS, PR.
Women’s Redressal Committee
Women’s Redressal Committee

It promotes and maintains a conducive and unprejudiced environment to ensure that the students’ grievances are addressed effectively.

Convener: VR
Members: HRM, KS, MVJ.
Students Counselling Cell
Students Counselling cell

The cell deals with a wide range of concerns and peer – related issues and helps aim facilitate the process of growth and positive well-being.

Convener: JS
Members: KRM, GR, VR, YVS, BRJ.
Gandhi Study Centre
Convener: GR
Members: GKH, NKH, PRP, V V, SB, ALM, SKS.
Vivekananda Study Centre
Convener: NKH
Members: GKH, PRP, V V, SB, ALM, SKS.
Ambedkar Study Centre
Convener: SB
Members: NKH, PRP, V V, ALM, SKS.
Library Committee
Convener: Pavithra S.
Members:Balaji T.R. and all HODs.