To learn , work , play , think & explore beyond the book we have scientifically designed labs.

Biology Lab

The Biology lab promotes self-learning through the use of microscopes to observe cell division and the internal structure of tissues. Students get first-hand experience on diversified plant , animal and human physiology.

Physics Lab

The Physics Lab contributes positively to the learners in understanding science , critical thinking and problem – solving ability. The theoretical concepts and relationships introduced in the class – rooms are carried out in the lab to understand the nature and behaviour of the real phenomena.

Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab is equipped with latest technology apparatus that aids in understanding the subject. The labs are properly ventilated and is a place to explore their knowledge beyond academics.

Electronics lab

The teaching and instructional methods used in the Electronics lab encourage learning through active teacher – student interaction in the form of practical assignments and projects. Students break away from rote – learning methods to adopt cognitive development and experimental education practice.

Computer Lab

To empower the students with meaningful education to become globally successful individuals , our computer labs are equipped with INTEL i5 processor , 64 bit , 4 GB RAM , 500GB HDD computers with internet facilities for easy comprehension of the subject. Projectors and white – boards are available to students for activity – based learning.