Student Counsel

Mentoring & Counselling

The purpose is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by electing 2 class representatives per section.

Assigned Class Teachers are responsible for the social behaviour and punctuality of the students. The mentor students’ ratio is 1:20. The mentors are trusted counsellors who support, guide and interact with both the student and the parent on a regular basis. They maintain the students’ academic profile and help them to learn, reflect, discover and evolve for the emerging future.

We are making use of technological advancements to the maximum by monitoring our students' attendance on a day-to-day basis on cell phones with the help of IPOMO attendance system. The parents hence are made aware of their absence even if it is for a single particular period.

Parent Teachers' Meet

Parent Teachers’ Meet will be held on a regular basis in the college. The meet is always held on a General Public holiday making it convenient for the parents to interact with the Principal & Staff regarding their ward’s academic & conduct performance. On this occasion, the Principal gives a detailed account of the academic curriculum of the college followed by an interactive Question and Answer session. The parents can then proceed to meet and discuss with the respective mentors of their ward.

Attendance & Course Tracking System(ACTS)

The advantages of the ACTS are as follows:
  • Parents will receive the message immediately if their wards are not present in the class.
  • After each test/exam parents get to know the marks of their ward.
  • Individual student report that includes internal test marks as well as attendance over a particular period can be obtained just at the click of the button.
  • The lecturers can also be monitored for the topic they have covered, number of hours taken by them to cover the topic,date on which they have taken the lesson, etc
  • Class for class, period for period, test for test data and performance can be obtained.