I Vivekananda.B hav completed my 1st PUC at Seshadripuram Composite PU College , My reason for selecting this college for my P.U. is that it has one of the best teaching faculty , the best suitable timings that starts early in the morning. It provides a very nice environment for the student to not only excel in studies but also to be engaged in co-curricular activities  when compared to other colleges .

Vivekananda B

After 10th std, choosing a college is crucial. I have gathered some key factors that can help you evaluate potential colleges before you apply.

Cost is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a college, and you will need to determine how much tuition fee you can afford to pay prior to selecting a college. Our college fee is affordable.

The competitiveness of the college’s admission rate often reflects a college’s reputation and in some instances, may even correlate with the quality of education that students receive.

The college timings is very convenient for students to pursue other courses after the college hours. Commuting becomes very easy since the traffic during this time will be very less.

With a student friendly atmosphere, experienced Teachers give individual attention and impart value added education to the student. And the student who passes out of the college becomes a true educated person with human values.

We have well equipped laboratory, library facilities, a gym worthy of an Olympic athlete, a good canteen facility etc. The campus facilities can make all the difference when it comes to enhancing your educational experience.

If you want to stay connected to your fellow alumni no matter where life takes you, consider the size of a School’s alumni association. It is huge in our college. The alumni of our college are surgeons, professors, charted accountants, persons serving in defence, film actors and directors etc.

Our college has dynamic, student friendly Principal. Under his leadership every unit of the college functions well.

Looking for a perfect college can be difficult, but you can simplify the process by focussing on important goals for you college career. Just pick the most important ones, based on your needs. In the end, you’ll know that you picked the best college for you i.e. Seshadripuram Composite PU College.

Meera K R
HOD, Physics

Seshadripuram Composite Pre – University College, the notable wing of Seshadripuram Group of Institutions is determined to develop academic skills and global exposure in every field - be it Science, Commerce, research or Sports. Our college with good Infrastructure provides the perfect learning atmosphere through regular classes, tests and exams. We the teachers aim at building in confidence and communication skills through Seminars, Debates and Competitions required for a successful professional career. Our college provides cultural values and morale for the complete personality develop of students. We emphasize the young minds through teaching not only to learn, but to explore the world through thinking, reasoning and analysing the subjects chosen, specifically Science, with the help of modern technology. This enables them to become successful socially committed global citizens.

Vinu M
HOD, Biology

We inculcate spiritual thoughts in students to make them perfect human beings. We give them personal attention and cater to their needs. Out various forums and clubs provide the stepping stones to unleash their talents.

Sri Praveen Kashyap
Faculty, Commerce Department

Seshadripuram Composite Pre-University College has always believed in helping and guiding its students. I have spent nine years working at SCPUC and this has been an absolutely unforgettable period in my life.  I can say it is an amazing experience. The best thing about SCPUC is the college timings.

Also the college has a supportive environment, where everyone is focussed and help each other. SCPUC provides extra-curricular activities in the college which I enjoy a lot. We give quality teaching and friendly atmosphere in the college and have made it a great place to come back every next day.

Jayanth kumar B V R
HOD, Dept of Statistics

Seshadripuram Composite PU College(SCPUC) is a premier educational unit of Seshadripuram Education Trust. I myself being an Alumni of Seshadripuram PU(Main) College & Seshadripuram Degree(Main) College wanted to admit my daughter Bhavana R for PU Commerce. I made specific checks about various merits and chose SCPUC as the best choice to finalise my decision and my daughter is feeling very happy and all set to enter 2nd PUC for the forthcoming academic year. 

SCPUC stands out exemplary in terms of good coaching, kind behaviour & concern of Lecturers towards students, level of their oustanding support, patience and act of making students feeling comfortable. 

As a parent, I am extremely happy with SCPUC for their encouragement to students for sports & other extra curricular activities and nurturing various talents in many disciplines. I sincerely salute and submit my thanks to this wonderful College & dedicated teachers.

C N Ramesh
Parent of R Bhavana, II B

Success begins here, it's our tradition. We at SCPUC allow the students to think intensively and critically. We give them the whole bunch of intelligence plus character. Education is the key to the future which will be unlocked here and allow the students to explore and possess knowledge. Here, students start with a dream and finish with a good future. Come and walk into your future. It's your future and our focus. Go farther than you have ever dreamt. 

Suman Palamand
Alumna, Lecturer-Department of Commerce

In my opinion, SCPUC is not just an educational institution but a great platform for the young minds to nurture. The Principal and Faculty members are very supportive, friendly and ever enthusiastic to guide the students. The college has an excellent infrastructure and a well-stocked library. My two years of stay here was so comfortable that I am back here as a lecturer. I thank SCPUC for providing me with the quality education and a great career in a conducive environment.

Parimala R P
Batch 2010-2012, Lecturer-Dept of Commerce

Still remember that wonderful day, it has been so long yet it seems like yesterday. There was a day when I first entered SCPUC as a student and now here I am as a lecturer, Department of Commerce. Someone has quoted it rightly “Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”. I am thankful for being in SCPUC which became a foundation in turning my dreams to reality.

Aishwarya Lakshmi
Class of 2011-13, Commerce lecturer in SCPUC

For deciding a college after matriculation, fees was one thing which mattered to my parents, and of course quality education was another which mattered to me. But when I stepped into SCPUC, I was extremely joyful by knowing that the college awarded such a huge scholarship that the fees was almost completely waived off. Coming to education and its quality, the college comes with a great number of amenities, ranging from library to canteen and from good classrooms to great environment. Student - friendly and experienced lecturers make it the best learning place. To sum up, it has all the resources, opportunities and events required for the overall development of a student, leading from table tennis to cricket, from essays to debates, from fests to forums, from trips to treks adding value to the journey of matriculate to under graduate.

Girish Toshniwal
9th Place , Batch 2016-17

Comprehensive teaching, Co-operative and friendly teachers, kind hearted principal and great library. It was not only learning, but a thought exchange process. I heartfully thank SCPUC for helping me shape my future.

Sreeja Sreedhar
6th Place , Batch 2017-18